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Bespoke consulting and advisement for your early or late stage startup - from the creator of Ansible, Cobbler, and some over-glorified shell scripts.


Here are some of just a few things I can help with:

Product Strategy

Ansible beat out firmly established competitors with $800M in combined funding in just 3 years.

It did this through great user-centric product focus, a great business model, and a commitment to eliminate complexity. Let me help you do the same.


In the first year of Ansible, I spent nearly 40% of my time working on how we talk about the product and the technical documentation. It was that important.

Reaching today's buyer audience (engineers, not CIOs) requires a completely new approach to websites and technical documentation. I can show you how.

Open Source Dynamics

Want to optimize your open source community traction? I've run one of the most contributed to open source projects in the world and can help you with a wide array of community topics.

Software Architecture

Improving development velocity is about simple code, refactoring, modularity, and automated test culture. I can help you decide how to make complex applications simpler, more modular and enable velocity, extensibility, and even ... surprise.

Proven Experience

In 2012, I created and founded the Ansible project and in less than 3 years it sold to Red Hat as one of the Triangle's top 10 software exits.

It also become one of the top 10 most contributed to projects on GitHub.com. I've designed and written infrastructure software that drives Apple, Twitter, eBay, Paypal, Pixar, Blizzard, NASA, and much of Wall Street.

I'm a software developer, architect, former software executive, presenter, product strategist, and writer. I'm also a photographer and electronic musician. I am, however, very bad at Javascript.

If you'd possibly like to work together or just want to bounce some ideas around, I'd love to hear from you.

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